Print quality

Premium Paper and Printing

Premium paper

We use premium paper for all your prints. Our eco-efficient paper "Discovery" offers excellent printing results, even when printing on both sides!

In addition, this paper is certified FSC and Eco Label. Indeed, the use of paper pulp from Eucalyptus Globulus wood makes it possible to obtain a higher yield due to the bulky fibers. This means an average of 32% reduction in wood fibers used, making Discovery a sustainable product.

Quality finishes

Choose between our plastic ring, metal ring or glued bindings.

When you opt for a binding, we systematically add transparent plastic to the front and back of your document.

Recent printing machines

Visual Impact regularly invests in its printing machines.

Our printing presses allow us to print your orders within very short deadlines with excellent printing quality.

We are equipped with the latest generation Xerox presses, which can print your images with brilliant colours!